Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, vol 7!!

 I'm very happy to say that I am have another block in the latest edition of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks!!

                                                      My name is Renelda and I've been quilting for several years (OK - over 30!).  I love to design quilts, especially using geometric shapes.  I'm standing in the office of the Loudoun Breast Health Network in front of a huge pink quilt (2012 Text on Textile Exhibit, International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX) which I made and hangs in our office!  (We are an all volunteer, 501 (c) (3) non-profit).  I'm also working on a quilt book to honor the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces - if you are interested look for details in the blog and email me.

         The block in Volume 7 has been, quite literately, years in the making.  I have been creating Bargello quilts for over 25 years and when I've tried to 'help' my friends catch Bargello fever, everyone complains that it looks too hard to do.  So I simplified the process - how could I possibly simplify a Bargello?  What if instead of long rows of little blocks I made actual 4" x 4" or 12" x 12" blocks?   And then joined them together?!  Sounds simple?  It is!  I call them 'Julep Blocks' and they are very easy to make!   

My block is block #686 'Spring Julep', page 64, it is a 12" x 12" (finished) block which can be assembled in many ways.
The quilt to the right appears in Volume 7's "Designer's Gallery" on page 12 - it is a mini-gello (small Bargello) entitled "Spring Julep" and it measures 11" x 11".  It is made from four scaled-down Julep blocks each rotated and joined together.  The mini-quilt blocs have some special construction techniques to aid in their assembly, but they are so cool to put together!

       The quilt to the left, "Mint Julep", (69" x 69") is made from 20" x 20" blocks and give the appearance of motion.  The larger the 'Julep' block, the larger the quilt!!

       Julep blocks and quilts have more 'pop' if you have one or two fabrics that really stand out.  Look for several light fabrics, several mediums and a few dark fabrics.

         The quilt on the left measures 41" x 41" and was done using a Moda Jelly Roll.  Jelly Rolls can be good to use if they have enough contrast, this one had the red, white and blue I was looking for.  That is not true of most pre-cut 2 1/2" rolls.           

      The quilt to the right is another mini-gello measuring 14" x 14".  It is composed of 100% scraps - mini-gellos are great for up-cycling your scraps!!

           If you are in the Northern Virginia/Maryland/DC area check the schedule below for when I'll be speaking in May and June several area quilt shops about Block # 686!!  Carolyn Goins, block # 666, 'Counter Spin' and I spoke at a local quilt shop when we both had blocks in 100 Blocks, Vol 5 and it was such a huge success we decided to branch out to the entire metro area!!

          My brand new 'helper' Smudge just came from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter last week and already she is a "big" help!  She is what we call a 'love sponge' - she'll suck all the attention she
can get from you.  She has already shed, I mean provided a protective coat, on many of the quilts going into my book!