Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vote for Turtles!

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"Turtles at Sea"

(MQ) Quilt Design Star 2012/Professional
Creative Crafts Group

Go to the McCall's website under Professional Design Star Challenge!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

McCall's Designers Quilt Challenge 1 posted!

They have posted all the Challenge 1 quilt tops and are they ever creative!!

Above is the quilt top "Turtles at Sea" - my entry!!  The rich batiks give the illusion of the "turtles" swimming!  Add a few applique turtles and you have trove of turtles - just like in the pond out back!

Above is a closeup of one of the turtles swimming with a friend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

McCall's Quilt Design Star Challenge 1 - throes of points!

Quilted Cora here - and in the throes of making "Storm at Sea" mine!  Not only does the block have all kinds of sharp corners and points - but it has to fit together with other like blocks!!  Good friends at lunch today, Carolyn Goins and Cindy Simms, gave me a hint about making it all fit together - steam, steam and more steam!!  Since the blocks have been blessed with water and steamed (sounds like cooking veges), I'll just have to let it sit overnight and sees what comes out tomorrow!  I hope Challenge 2 will involve something more simple - like the codes to launch nuclear warheads.  Or, maybe applique!  Back to the salt mines!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

McCall's Quilt Design Star

Quilted Cora here!  My "peep" Renelda is working hard on he quilt to for Challenge 1!  I hear a lot of 4-letter words coming from her side of the studio - words like "iron" and "points" - OK, maybe not all the words are 4-letter ones!  She is having a great time matching up all the points and making sure she cuts out the correct fabric with the correct template!  I think she said she has half of the blocks done - that means I need to go and snooper-vise her or she'll never get finished on time!