Monday, July 14, 2014

Sheep Behaving Baaadly!

Sheep Behaving Baaadly! Come join the fun!
Northern Virginia Quilt Consortium (NVQC) - not to be confused with any other quilt consortium especially the Virginia Consortium of Quilters - is sponsoring its first traveling quilt exhibit!
We are very excited about this idea and hope to see an interesting quilt submission from you!
Check out the rules and email me if you are interested.

Northern Virginia Quilt Consortium (NVQC)

Quilt Exhibit: Sheep Behaving Baaadly

I. Background: I saw a fun exhibit featuring cows called “MOO-STON Cow Stampede”! (Check some of them out below). I think that there is something inherently intriguing about animals and the idea for this exhibit was born. I have the hemisphere’s largest ‘sheep’ collection (collected in travels by myself, my three brothers and assorted relatives and friends) so it would be a natural the first animal selected for this series would be sheep. The challenge is not just to create a caricature of just any old sheep, but sheep exhibiting naughty behavior or sheep behaving baaadly, hence
the name “Sheep Behaving Baaadly”. The quilt should be fun to make and to look at!

II. Specifics: Must be a 3-layer quilt which can be easily stacked and folded to fit into a 20” x 24” box with other quilts and mailed.

          a. The Sheep:

          The sheep-shape should be the main figure, the focus of the quilt. The sheep body will be shaped either roundish or oval shaped. The head will be round or oval also. The figures at the left show some different combinations of body and head shapes. The sheep’s simple shape will allow the ‘baaad’ or naughty to pop out!  Embellish to your heart’s content!

          b. Quilt:

                   (1) Size: The quilt can be any size between 20” x 24” and 40” x 48”. It must be able to be folded into a 20” x 24” box.

                   (2) Label: All quilts will have a label with: Quilt’s Name, quilter, date, e-mail & phone number of quilter.
          c. Due dates:  A picture of the finished quilt and application form (please request application form from Renelda before sending picture) is due NLT 8 October 2014 to

          d. Write-up: The write-up will include:

                   (1) Quilt Info: Quilt Name, quilter, date, email.

                   (2) A 100 word or less, write-up about the quilt may include inspiration, explanation and quilting techniques/embellishments.  The write-up appears on cards next to the quilts. 

                   (3) Quilt group or guild association (if any).

III. Juried: The NVQC board members will jury the quilts to ensure consistency with theme. Results will be announced by 10 Oct 2015. Finished quilt is due to Renelda 15 Oct 2014.

IV. I am seeking a Corporate Sponsor for our exhibit.

(These three quilts were photographed by Renelda Peldunas-Harter and are meant to convey the fun nature of this challenge, not to be copied or for any other use.)
V. Additional Info: Contact Renelda at or 540-338-0338.