Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quilting Class today!

        Today was pretty exciting for me - I helped teach two fantastic ladies several basic quilting concepts!  Margaret and Carla were at class again today at the Scrappy Apple in Winchester, VA where two weeks ago they cut out fabric and started sewing blocks together for their first quilt.  For homework they had to finish sewing all 80 blocks to bring in today.
        Today they braved rain, wind and tornado warnings to come to class to see what to do next!!  We set up  two design boards in the Scrappy Apple and started putting their blocks up, the ladies soon discovered it was not as easy arranging the 80 blocks as it was sewing the blocks together!!  They got their blocks arranged and they started sewing them together and that was when I insisted they pose with me for a picture!!  Don't I look natural with the ladies and their quilts?

That is Carla in the first picture - I almost blend into her blue and brown fabric!  Margaret is in the second picture with me and her yellow/purple eclectic fabric!  Which quilt brings out my beautiful eyes!?!

Can't wait to see the two quilts done!!  Am looking forward to that!  That is all for today - later.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Quilted Cora here!  Black Friday has come and gone and the mad rush for Christmas is on!  Sorry I have not been blogging lately, have been teaching some classes.  My good friend Kelley Bova who is the owner of "The Scrappy Apple" in Winchester, Virginia has me teaching some classes for beginning quilters! It has been fun.  Carla and Margaret are using pre-cut Timeless Treasure Batiks and a simple pattern by Karen Montgomery called "Pops-A-Lot".  We have our final class this coming Wednesday and depending upon how much the ladies have completed I'll put a picture of their quilt (and ME!)! on the blog - can't wait!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quilted Cora goes to Quilt Market!

Greetings fans and soon to be fans, Quilted Cora here, back from the trenches of International Quilt Market in Houston and ready to report all the juicy details - or as juicy as fiber artist and their ink can be!

I am the world's official quilting correspondent and I write a first person account of what goes on behind the scenes at quilting (and other) events.  I conduct interviews, take plenty of pictures and convey interesting information to my readers, oh, did I also mention that I'm cute, flat and have a sassy quilt-a-tude?

As some of you know, the quilting world gets together at least twice a year to celebrate fabric and the million ways you can take a plain piece of cotton and turn it into a masterpiece, the International Quilt Market is one of the places.

Today just a short blog about two of my favorite Market stops, first at the Harris Publications booth where I spoke with several of the booth-persons (I dislike the term booth-babe or booth-hunk), my favorite was a chat with Linda Smoker who is the Technical Editor for the Harris people.  We talked about tech stuff, bah, bah, bah, fabric trends and when Linda said she blogs I knew we were going to be BBF (Best Blogging Friends)!  I think she also admired my top-of-the-line one-of-a-kind custom made purse - I've attached a picture of me and the purse in front of the December/January issue of "Quilt" with Blue Underground Studios's batik Spin Art beautiful quilt on the cover!  I especially like it because I'm partial to anything batik!

Me and Jason Prater
 Market also found me with a long-time friend - Jason Prater, President of Sulky of America.  Jason knew me before I got this current gig as a blog-writer, he remembers my cousin Flat Stanley from the Minneapolis Show.  Anyways, as Jason and I were catching up my "people", yes, I have "people - peeps to you", two of them as a matter of fact and they were busy checking out the new stuff from Sulky.  We got a sample of the Sulky PolyLite(TM) thread and I'll let you know how the "peep" likes it when she tries it out.  The peep already uses Sulky's Cottons and Blendables not to mention how much she likes the Holoshimmer!!  My entire "Tuesday" ensemble (left) and "Sunday" ensemble (above) was sewn and quilted by Sulky threads!!  The peep-er is working on the other five days, give her a break, she is only one woman. Well, enough about Sulky, back to something really important - me. 

Actually, that is all for now, the peep-world (real world) calls - Computer Curt is hungry, bah, bah, bah, the cat wants attention and the laundry shuffle is in full swing!!

Until next time, Quilted Cora out!