Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quilting Class today!

        Today was pretty exciting for me - I helped teach two fantastic ladies several basic quilting concepts!  Margaret and Carla were at class again today at the Scrappy Apple in Winchester, VA where two weeks ago they cut out fabric and started sewing blocks together for their first quilt.  For homework they had to finish sewing all 80 blocks to bring in today.
        Today they braved rain, wind and tornado warnings to come to class to see what to do next!!  We set up  two design boards in the Scrappy Apple and started putting their blocks up, the ladies soon discovered it was not as easy arranging the 80 blocks as it was sewing the blocks together!!  They got their blocks arranged and they started sewing them together and that was when I insisted they pose with me for a picture!!  Don't I look natural with the ladies and their quilts?

That is Carla in the first picture - I almost blend into her blue and brown fabric!  Margaret is in the second picture with me and her yellow/purple eclectic fabric!  Which quilt brings out my beautiful eyes!?!

Can't wait to see the two quilts done!!  Am looking forward to that!  That is all for today - later.

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