Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pink Quilt

Quilted Cora is assisting me in constructing a Pink Quilt.  Can't show a picture of it just yet because it is headed to a magazine for an October 2012 issue!  I can describe what it looks like though!  It only measures 24" x 30" and has a nice big pink ribbon in the middle.  The white background has inspirational sayings printed directly on it and then pink T-shirts were stabilized, cut up and sewn to the quilt top.

Inspiration for the Pink Quilt comes from my Unfinished Quilt which is currently traveling with the Text on Textiles exhibit for Quilts Inc.  The reason I call it the Unfinished Quilt because I have a few more years of walks and pink T-shirts to add to it before it will be a Finished Quilt!  Then it will be used as a fundraiser with all the proceeds going to the Loudoun Breast Health Network (LBHN)  The Pink Quilt will also be used as a fundraiser to support the LBHN.

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