Sunday, February 10, 2013

Make a quilt for my book!!

Quilt #1                                                                Quilt #2

Quilt #3                                                                                 Quilt #4

Quilt #6
 Quilt #5


I am working on a quilt book with a series of military-themed quilts to honor our service members!

I want to show that these quilts also have a wider appeal and so I am asking for assistance.   Your completed quilt may be chosen for the book!  Here is the deal:

1.   Chose one of the six quilts (pictures attached) and contact me at  with the Quilt # of the quilt you would like to make.  (I’ll need name, address, phone # and email.)

2.  I send you the instructions for that quilt and you sign a non-disclosure statement (saying you won’t reproduce and share the pattern). 

3.  You choose your own fabric and make a quilt based on the pattern.  (The quilt does not need to be an exact replica of the pattern, i.e., Quilt #6 does not have to have 23 “stars” – use your imagination and make a quilt with maybe 9 “stars”, set them on point or break them up with plain blocks interspersed).

4.  Contact me immediately if you have any questions or don’t understand the instructions – I’ll be counting on you to help me proof my patterns!  Feedback please!

5.  Make the quilts as large or as small as you wish, I have to recognize it as based on one of the six quilts attached.

6.  Quilts must be completed and given to me to be photographed by 15 Jun 2013 (maybe later - I'll keep you posted).  If you live outside of the Washington, DC area and it would be too expensive to ship the quilt and you have a good quilt photographer, I’ll accept a picture of the quilt.

7.  The quilt pictures accepted for the “Quilt Gallery” will be the final decision of the author and editors and will be based on space available.


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