Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waterford Quilters Guild

Just wanted to let people know that I stopped by the Waterford Quilter's Guild for a presentation and demo yesterday for WQG's January meeting.  It was a lot of fun!
Looks like Rebecca, the WQG's VP, is adjusting my mike!  My peep (short for "people" - for those of you you who don't know who my "peep" is, it is my support staff whose real name is Renelda, but this blog is about me, not her, so..) did a presentation to the Guild members based on an article she wrote for the magazine Quilter's World (Feb 2011 issue).  For the "Just Add Fabric" feature she created a mini-quilted Valentine's Day Card which introduced her technique on how to transfer computer text to fabric.

Not only did my peep talk about
Quilted Valentine's Day Card as it appeared in Quilter's World
why she created her technique to transfer text onto fabric (to make the quilt Sarajevo Rose which appeared in the "Text on Textile: Words as Design on Quilts" special exhibit at the Fall International Quilt Festival 2011) but she also demonstrated the technique to the Guild.

There was a lively discussion about printers:
1. Yes, fabric will go through a printer if you talk to said printer and get the printer's OK! 
2. No - you never tell your husband you are sending fabric through the printer.
3. Never, never, never tell your husband fabric got stuck in the printer (most printers have several pull-down doors, simply open one of these doors and yank the fabric out yourself).
4. Take the time to get to know your printer and your printer will reward you with a beautiful, finished product - text on textile!

There was a brief portion where the peep dazzled her audience with a brilliant display of tech savvy, explaining how to format the text and then an actual display of printing on fabric! 

During the presentation several members did remark upon my cuteness and marveled at my coordinated accessories, I am available for autograph sessions and do appear at the peep's presentations so I can blog about all the new people and places.

Thanks ladies!!

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